Interview Laura Michaud on the Top Current Family Business Issues.

Laura Michaud has dedicated her career to solving family business issues, after having spent 20 years as a third-generation family member of Beltone Electronics, the hearing aid company, and helping both businesses and families succeed with her own consulting business since 1998. She has been recognized as a Subject Matter Expert on these issues over the past 14 years and is happy to share her insights with reporters in written, recorded, or live interviews.

Contact her now or call or text Laura at 630.927.5555 to schedule an inquiry.

Laura can comment on a variety of topics, from what to do when crises strike the family business to how to maintain balance when working with your family. Whatever the question, Laura can provide an answer that will provide value to your viewers or readers.

Among the topics Laura is passionate about are:

Eight Key Topics of Discussion for Family Businesses

  1. What to Do When Communication between Family Members Breaks down
  2. How to Avoid Conflict in the Family Business and What to Do When Family Members Disagree
  3. How to Set up Accountability and Governance in the Family Business
  4. How to Help Spousal Teams Work Well Together
  5. How to Deal with the Top Stressors of a Family Business
  6. How to Engage in Succession Planning
  7. How to Avoid Entitlement in Junior Generations
  8. How to Pick the Right Advisor for Your Family Business