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The following are articles written and copyrighted from Laura Michaud. We would be happy to permit you to publish any of these in your own newsletter or trade publication. Please contact our office for written permission for use of Laura's copyrighted materials. If you do use any of these articles, the byline as written must be included.

Beyond Satisfaction [pdf]
Five Keys to Creating True Customer Loyalty

Turn the Tables on Employee Turnover [pdf]
Five Keys to Maximum Employee Retention

When Your Family's the Boss [pdf]
How to Survive the Stresses of Working in a Family-Owned Business

Family Business Dynamics [pdf]
Keep Your Conference Room Out of the Family Living Room

Married to the Business [pdf]
How to Keep Family Business Spouses From Feeling Left Out in the Cold

Stop Acting Like Children! [pdf]
How to Transcend Childhood Roles in Your Family Business