Family businesses face unique challenges—of governance, conflict management, transition management, as well as estate and succession planning, for starters. Resolving those challenges requires finesse and experience; a sensitivity to family dynamics as well as expertise in management and executive leadership. It’s a balancing act that The Michaud Group has helped family businesses through successfully for decades.

Since 1998, Laura Michaud has been helping families in business together communicate more effectively, work more closely together, and move through transitions smoothly to achieve business success. She does this by advising family business members on communication and organizational issues, as well as helps them ensure that transitions in the business are done in a well thought-out and smooth manner—not disrupting the business in the process.

Laura is the perfect advisor to bridge the gap between generations and spouse or sibling teams: A former third-generation family business owner, she is well aware of how family dynamics impact the way an organization functions. Laura is an expert advisor, coach, and a knowledgeable and engaging speaker who exudes confidence and warmth, and inspires her clients to reach their goals through a methodical, thorough process.

Laura helps family businesses overcome challenges – one issue and one family member at a time.

Family Business Consulting

  • Family Business Assessment
  • Family Conflict Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Family Business Transition Management
  • Family Business Guidelines
  • Succession Planning
  • Family and Business Governance
  • Leadership Development for Next Generation
  • Coaching (One-on-one)
  • Coaching (Groups)
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  • Family Business Workshops
  • Keynotes on Family Business
  • Family Retreats
  • Customized Family Programs
  • Presentations
  • Follow up e-consultations
  • Family Business Event Debriefings
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Products & Resources

  • Top Eight Topics of Discussion for Family Businesses
  • Articles You Can Use
  • Laura's Book
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Thank you for taking the time to help us strategize on how to discuss a delicate situation with an employee. You helped us come with a clear and professional way to present that person with a list of continuing problems, and offer a deadline for improvement. You provided our staff member with valuable direction, and we appreciate you serving on our board as well as your continued support and dedication to making our family business successful

Derek Phillips, Floral Industry